One Meal a Day

Throughout the month of Ramadan, from June 18th - July 18th, we as Young Visionaries attended to the needs of the less fortunate by providing them with bottled water and varieties of meals in order to satisfy them on such hot days. We recognized the large homeless population of Bowling Green and every day we traveled around assisting them in any way possible. On the weekends we dedicated our time to volunteering at the Salvation Army preparing and serving food, as we have a well-built friendship with that organization. We very much enjoyed the time invested into this event and we thank everyone for their amazing support for without it this event wouldn't have been possible!

As you can imagine, this project drew a lot of interest from the community. This lead Bowling Green Daily News to do a piece on the Young Visionaries Foundation and our One Meal a Day project. 

Make sure to check out the Bowling Green Daily News article here: Young Visionaries