A visionary is a person with unique ideas about what the future will hold. Even in the harshest times, visionaries ensure that their voice is heard and remain optimistic about what tomorrow has to bring. We believe that education is key to success and in modern society, educating our nation's youth is our top most concern. Poverty is a global dilemma that presents several challenges for families such as lack of basic necessities, poor living conditions, and most importantly a major restraint on their educational development. 

Our goal is to share these necessities and positively instill values of hard work and determination in those who are exposed to the difficulties of poverty. Although there is not a quick solution to these conditions, we see a vision of not only providing but also educating our nation's youth that there is a way out. By obtaining the key (education) and the lock (application), you can successfully utilize the knowledge that you have gained to maximize your success. We believe that anyone has the inherent ability to reach the greatest level of success possible and by combining the key and lock, you are now capable of positively shaping a community in which everyone can benefit from one another and spreading your own knowledge to inspire the next child who is waiting on their key to a healthier life. 
We are... Young Visionaries

As the founder of this organization, I believe that everyone has a unique inherent ability to do whatever it takes to succeed. It is the negativity from people that stops the majority of us from advancing forward. This organization was created to serve not only the youth but everyone in general to pursue whatever dream imaginable for which will lead to infinite happiness. Although, we instill the importance of achieving an education, but at the same time we teach the application of knowledge through our events, for knowledge is only useful to those who can apply it.
— Kenan Mujkanovic, C.E.O.
As the co-founder of this organization, I believe in the importance of assisting those in need. I believe we need to not only help one person, but an entire community at the same time. As witnesses to the tragedy of poverty, we as a society must step up and assist those in need to inspire them to fight for their dreams and most importantly, recognize the true value of education. The events we host inspire not only those being assisted, but also the contributors to this cause. As a society we should aim to advance forward in life not just as individuals, but also in the form of a strong, aspiring community.
— Zakriya Ahmed, C.O.O.